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Who We Support
Skye Benefits Consulting believes in community support, so we applaud and contribute our time and dollars to the organizations below.  
For information on supporting them yourself, please click the associated links!
GLOBAL VISIONARIES                                                                                                           www.global-visionaries.org
The youth are not the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today!
This special program believes this statement wholeheartedly and lives by it.  GV invites participants to deeply explore the issues of today while exploring their own potential and capability of being a global citizen and leader of change.  

They are led on a journey of understanding cultural differences, systemic problems, how to serve their community and work alongside one another, whether sharing commonalities or not.  The journey includes a two week immersion stay in Guatemala where they can see for themselves what they've learned through the program.  
SEATTLE MILK FUND.                                                                                                               www.seattlemilkfund.org
Teach a man to fish...
For over 100 years SMF has been a valuable resource for young parents allowing them to start, continue or complete their degree.  Childcare assistance programs are very limited and typically don't allow a parent to be a student.  By providing valuable resources, coaching support and removing the financial barrier to childcare, SMF helps these young parents get an education allowing them to create a brighter and more stable future for their families.
In 2013-14, SMF presented 162 child care grants, 118 family support grants, and 86 education grants—with a total of $261,548 awarded. Since changing its giving focus in 1965 to provide higher education and family support grants, and in 1990 to include child care grants, Seattle Milk Fund has awarded more than $16M to local families.
Additional organizations doing good work in our community:

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center:  www.kcsarc.org

ChildHaven:  www.childhaven.org