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Employer Sponsored Benefit Programs
Skye Benefits Consulting Services
Individual and Family Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
Medicare Supplement / MedAdvantage / Part D Coverage
Offering a benefit program that's affordable and appeals to your employees is stressful.  Let us be your benefits arm offering strategic planning to keep your program sustainable.  We'll help with benefit design, communications to help your employees appreciate your offering and be your advocate to help you and your employees with the everyday struggles of understanding benefits and working through claims.
At Skye Benefits Consulting, we take care to provide our customers high quality service with a personalized touch for their unique needs. 

We can help with the following:
We are certified in and out of the Exchange and can help you determine whether you may qualify for special programs such as premium reduction, reduced cost sharing plans or Apple Health.  We'll help you navigate through the sea of plans available, making sure to balance premium and benefit proportions as well as choose a network that allows you to keep your current providers.
You need a bigger mailbox when you become eligible for Medicare!  With all the potential offerings it can become a very confusing and convoluted process.  We break down the components in a simple fashion allowing you to make educated choices on how to make your coverage work for you.  We'll walk you through every step of the way and allow you to turn all those mailers into recycling!
Our main purpose is to educate first, advise second.
Specialty Insurance - Critical Illness, Cancer, Life, Disability and Short-Term Medical
We've got you covered!  If there's a more specific need you have in mind, we have options and can help explain the benefits as well as get you through the application process.  
We work with all the major carriers and with several association health plans to ensure you have the options that are best suited for you.  Because we are not captive with any one carrier, we can make recommendations based on the bigger picture, instead of the bigger paycheck.
Already know what you need or want a sneak peek at rates?